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The Reflect Effect: Let’s Talk About Mental Health

On Monday, October 2nd, Cornell Reflect had its very first meeting! At 5:00 PM, about 100 students arrived at Willard Straight Hall to their choice of 10 kinds of Insomnia cookies and 4 types of Collegetown Pizza. Over the next hour, everyone broke up into small groups and had the opportunity to discuss whatever was on their mind, openly and honestly.

At Cornell Reflect, it’s cool to be YOU. The unfiltered, unadulterated, you. With the ongoing college student mental health crisis – which is exacerbated by the pressure on college campuses to appear perfect – it is critical that college students be given a space to be real. At Cornell Reflect, students feel comfortable saying, “Hey, I’ve actually been feeling pretty stressed recently; I know I haven’t said anything about it before, but I’d like to talk about it.” Students are empowered to bring this openness and honesty into their everyday lives. And that’s AMAZING.

Thanks to everyone who helped and attended (including many APO brothers), the first meeting was a huge success! We succeeded in creating a space where everyone felt comfortable sharing their genuine feelings and experiences, even with students they had never met before. It was inspiring to see everyone attain that level of openness, and we are proud and grateful to be part of an organization able to make that happen.

We also want to give a special shoutout to our 40+ facilitators, many of whom are APO brothers! Cornell Reflect’s facilitators, as their name suggests, are trained and equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to facilitate the group discussions. They are part of a national network of leaders in the field of mental and behavioral health.

The next opportunity for facilitators to use their skills, and for anyone to come participate in open and honest conversation, will be at an upcoming big/little bonding event (10/17 at 9:15Pm in Goldwin Smith G64 Auditorium). If you are already a trained Cornell Reflect facilitator, it is another service/leadership opportunity for you. Even if you aren’t trained, you should definitely come. It’ll be a great time 🙂

Additionally, Cornell Reflect’s next meeting will be at 5 PM on November 6th, in the Anabel Taylor One World Room. Everyone who comes gets a fellowship credit, and if you bring a friend, you get a gamma too! It’s a win-win.

We hope as many APO brothers as possible will get involved. With each new person, we move one step closer to making college a happier and healthier place.

-Maddie Feldman, brother, & Jared Fenton, Founder

Read more about Cornell Reflect here. Photos in this post taken from Cornell Daily Sun.