Mirroring on Ho Plaza for Mental Health

Madeline Feldman The “Mirroring” event on Ho Plaza leading up to the Cornell Reflect dinner, and as a part of Mental Health Awareness Week 2018, was a huge success! Volunteers were either standing at a table that had large, stationary mirrors to be written on, or they were walking around with a smaller mirror that already had writing on it and they were asking people walking by to take photos with the mirror. People walking by seemed so excited by this project. They were so happy to see the encouraging messages that others had left, and many people added their … Continue readingMirroring on Ho Plaza for Mental Health

Prisoner Express: Journal Project

Cindy Tang I’ve never really done any volunteer activities remotely related to prison reform before. When I first signed up for the Journal Project run by Prison Express, I had little idea what to expect. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The Journal Project basically gives the inmates the opportunity to regularly send in reflections on their life and prison experience. We write back to inmates commenting on their journal entries and writing about our thoughts. I’ve once read a letter from an inmate who was apparently struggling with his life at the moment. He … Continue readingPrisoner Express: Journal Project

Prisoner Express: Book Packing

Pooja Patel Prisoner Express: Book Packing has been an event that APO has long participated in. It creates an opportunity for incarcerated men and women across the country to connect with the world and to obtain educational opportunities and information via books. As a volunteer, you help package a set of books that was requested by a person. As a part of this package, you also get to write a letter to the person. If you participate in this event weekly, this creates the opportunity for you to form a correspondence with someone over the course of many weeks or … Continue readingPrisoner Express: Book Packing

Jenkins & Marvels service mixer

Adena Dass At the Jenkins & Marvels service mixer, brothers and pledges watched a short video about mental health in the prison system, specifically at the Cook Country Jail in Chicago, followed by reflection. Here are some thoughts our brothers shared: “They’re not just numbers. They are real people. They have real stories. They are people.” “I don’t think people realize how big of a role mental health plays in incarceration rates. One of the statistics that really stuck out to me was that we can spend up to $450 a day to treat a prisoner with a mental health … Continue readingJenkins & Marvels service mixer

The Power of Handwritten Letters: Letters Against Depression

By: Wendy Zhuo and Cordelia Ding It’s 6 PM on a Friday, and I have one last activity to look forward to before my weekend officially starts: Letters Against Depression. I briskly make my way to Cascadilla Hall where I know friendly faces will be waiting in the 2nd-floor lounge, scrolling and pausing through the brief stories written by the soon-to-be recipients of our letters. For the past two years now, Letters Against Depression (LAD) has continued to be my favorite service event in APO.  Maybe it’s because there’s something soothing about the gentle scratching of pens and pencils on … Continue readingThe Power of Handwritten Letters: Letters Against Depression


Shea Belsky Ever wondered what happens when you gather hundreds of programmers, designers, and thinkers in PSB for a weekend? They can make some pretty awesome stuff! BigRed//Hacks is Cornell’s biggest hackathon, bringing together college students from across the country to work on amazing technical projects. Hackers come up with ideas, write code and designs, and pitch them to judges from companies like IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Wayfair, and Bloomberg, all over the course of a single weekend. But this can’t happen without some help. We had over three hundred hackers at BigRed//Hacks on October 19-21st, 2018. How can we … Continue readingBigRed//Hacks

Stand Against Sexual Assault Tabling

Gillian Fennell On Wednesday, October 17th, APO held its fourth “Stand Against Sexual Assault” tabling event. Thank you to Maddie Feldman, Kat Ratner, Olivia Goosay, Nikola Kanaris, Devyn Ottman, and Valerie Kong and all the folks that came to the “Let’s Make Empowering Quarter cards” fellowship for helping out! During the event, these lovely lady brothers handed out empowering quarter cards and information about the prevalence of sexual assault and resources for survivors on campus. This project was founded to remind survivors (and women in general) of their power. We are all beautiful, strong, intelligent, vivacious, resilient beings, but sometimes we … Continue readingStand Against Sexual Assault Tabling

Procrastinate at the Straight

Allison Baal Procrastinate at the Straight is a de-stressing event hosted by Cornell Minds Matter, the Willard Straight Resource Center, and the Student Union Board. It occurs every other Wednesday to give the Cornell community an opportunity to take a break and relax in the middle of the week. Each event is themed, and this month, Procrastinate at the Straight helped to kick off the new season with the theme “Falling for Fall.” The themed snack was a make-your-own candy apple bar. With hundreds of apples donated by the Cornell Orchards, volunteers helped to cut apples and distribute them to … Continue readingProcrastinate at the Straight

Mental Health Awareness Week

Joanna Hua Mental Health Awareness Week is in full swing at Cornell, and Alpha Phi Omega – Gamma Chapter is always a supporter of mental health and taking care of yourself! This week, co-chaired by APO’s pledge master Joanna Hua, is taking place in a variety of ways. Lift Your Spirits Day is just one of many events during the week, in which different organizations collaborated to present mental health information in conjunction with their organizations’ goals. This intersectionality was explored by ~300 students, who went to tables and engaged in deep discussion about mental health, in exchange for a … Continue readingMental Health Awareness Week

Fabulous Finger Knitting!

Kelly Stone Fabulous Finger Knitting is a weekly event that happens every Wednesday night in William Keeton House. It is a very fun, fulfilling service event in which we finger knit scarves from scratch and then weave them together into larger scarves and baby blankets. Over the years, the finger knitting service project has worked with several local charities and homeless shelters in the Ithaca community to donate these handmade scarves and blankets to those who need extra warmth in the winter. I especially enjoy finger knitting because the event has a really nice fellowship aspect to it. Since we … Continue readingFabulous Finger Knitting!