Elise He SewGreen is a non-profit located in the Commons and is part of Sustainable Tompkins. Its goal is to reduce waste and promote re-using and upcycling by taking donations of fabrics, sewing materials, and knitting materials and re-selling them, donating them, or using them in their free and/or low-cost classes for children and adults in schools and their store. They also host a yearly design competition and fashion show and hire many teenagers and young adults. In short, they do a whole bunch of wonderful things for both the community and the environment. When you volunteer at SewGreen, there … Continue readingSewGreen

Finger Lakes ReUse Center

Antonio Saporito The Finger Lakes ReUse Center off of Triphammer Road is a thrifters’ dream, as well as a wonderful place to do service. Only as far as Target in Lansing, it is easily accessible by bus or car. Mountains of unwanted, yet useful and interesting items surround the nonprofit, carrying out the store’s mission to reduce the amount of waste in landfills by allowing people to reuse the products. Volunteers sort through donated items, labeling them with tags and sorting them on the shelves. Bins and bins are lined up, as well as a huge stockroom in the back … Continue readingFinger Lakes ReUse Center

Cornell Bridges Heights

Madeline Feldman At my most recent visit to Bridges, Cornell Heights, I was greeted with “I’m really glad to see you today,” “Wow you’re back!!” and a “Thank you,” with the warmest smiles. Bridges is an old age home located right behind Cornell’s North Campus and is a really special and unique place. I’ve been volunteering there now since the Fall of 2017, and it is one of my absolute favorite things that I do on campus. I look forward to my Sunday night trips, where I know I will be able to sit and have conversations with people who maybe have … Continue readingCornell Bridges Heights

Collegetown Cleanup

Yibing “Shirley” Yao Collegetown Cleanup is a weekly event that happens every Sunday morning in Collegetown. In groups of 3 to 4 people, we walk around the Collegetown, chat about the funny things, prelims (LOL) or APO events that happen over the week and clean up the neighborhood with our own hands! It’s a relaxing and meaningful service event where we get to meet new people, explore our neighborhood and protect the local environment. Over the years, Collegetown Cleanup has grown to be pretty popular among the Gamma Chapter. As the chair for the last month, I met dozens of … Continue readingCollegetown Cleanup

Dilmun Hill Student Farms

Yasamin Bayley There is nothing better than finishing off your busy Wednesday than by digging around in some soft and healthy organic soil! No really, it’s such a great feeling. At Dilmun Hill, a student-run organic farm, there is so much digging to be done! When you walk through the gates, it might not look like much, but turn the corner to see beautiful vegetables patch and greenhouse, filled with carrots, celery, tomatoes, cabbage and kale just waiting to be harvested! At Dilmun Hill, volunteers (APO and otherwise) help take care of the crops, harvest, weed, and help get the … Continue readingDilmun Hill Student Farms

Maker Is In

Tiffany Yeh You know that big cream-colored building on the corner of the street? That one you sort of glance at every time you wait for the TCAT? The outside may seem plain but don’t let that fool you. From teaching kids about robots to building cities with LEGOS, Tompkins County Library has become the hub where knowledge and fun intertwine for families, kids, teens, and even college students like ourselves. Every weekend APO helps with Maker Is In, one of the many activities the library runs for its vast audience of kids. Maker Is In is essentially one hour … Continue readingMaker Is In


Ariel Fong Code-4-Kids is definitely my favorite service event in APO. I don’t say this just because I run the program, but when I volunteer at Belle Sherman Elementary School, I can really see the direct impact that my time has on the students and how much fun they are deriving from the experience. Code-4-Kids teaches courses in all grades K-5, but I especially love teaching the younger students. To some, it may seem so strange to teach computer science to elementary students, because how could a 10-year-old, let alone a 5-year-old, understand what an algorithm is. However, through my … Continue readingCode-4-Kids

Mural Painting in the Commons

Rupal Khaitan Art is one of the few things I can proudly say that I grew up doing (probably alongside eating Indian food and watching Disney channel?) and seeing murals on practically every street here has made me happy I chose to come to a hippie town like Ithaca. Last year as a baby pledge I came to my first mural painting event during Fall Break and instantly loved it. The art itself requires very little skill, but my biggest challenge is getting over my fear of ladder. It’s also amazing if you can manage to get out of bed … Continue readingMural Painting in the Commons