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Tacy Foundation: Cards for Patients

by Jennifer Hoang

The Tacy Foundation is an organization that empowers children and teens in the Nation’s Capital and surrounding areas to share hope with hospital patients, senior citizens, and disadvantaged youth through the power of music. This is an organization that I am extremely close to, as I have been volunteering with them since high school. I love their purpose and it makes me so happy to see brothers in APO contribute to the Tacy Foundation cause. APO brothers have contributed to the foundation a lot in the past, like making crossword puzzles for nursing homes and veteran’s day cards. This particular event involved making cards for patients to uplift them during their stay in the hospital or once they leave after treatment. I love seeing all of the creativity that the brothers bring to the table and wanted to showcase some really nice examples. In the picture, you can see that one brother drew a card that resembles when a Pokemon first comes out of its Pokeball, which I thought was super cute and very relevant for little kids! There were also cards that had cute puns, which all age groups can understand! I also really liked the card that someone made, shown in the right hand corner of the picture, that talks to the patient specifically. While the picture only shows a select few, the impact that these cards have is huge. Putting in even just one hour makes such a big difference in someone‚Äôs day. Based on my conversations with the director of the foundation, I know that people carry these heartwarming messages with them and it uplifts them for a bit longer as they are waiting to recover. The Tacy Foundation is grateful to all the brothers who take the time to come in and craft some cards!