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Rescue Mission: Thrifty Shopper

For the past year, I have been regularly volunteering at Thrifty Shopper, a thriftstore that works with Rescue Mission to end hunger and homelessness. Each time I go, there is a new task for me. Sometimes I size new clothes and put them on the racks, sometimes I organize the racks, and sometimes I take down the old clothes to make room for new ones. After a busy week of classes, working at Thrifty Shopper really helps me to unwind and relax while doing something meaningful for the Ithaca community.

Revenue from Thrifty Shopper goes toward maintaining Rescue Mission programs, such as the Friendship Center here in Ithaca. The Friendship Center is an emergency shelter and food pantry where those experiencing homelessness can get temporary relief from the harsh elements outside and a bite to eat. In addition, all the clothes that do not get purchased, are given to those who need it.

I keep going back to Thrifty Shopper, not just because of the wonderful cause it supports, but also because of the extremely friendly people that run the store. They are not shy to show how much they appreciate the help that they get from Alpha Phi Omega and I only wish I could go more often.

-Sarah Wang, Retention Chair