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Remembering Nathaniel Rand

[Service Team Note: The photo above is the same photo that is featured in the children’s playroom that the Nate Rand Fund supports!]

My family and I are so beyond touched and inspired by the work that you all do and your devotion to local, national, and global community service, including your dedication, year after year (and even though you didn’t know Nate personally) to organizing this 5K to support the children’s hospital charity in his name.

The charity that the race supports is the Nathaniel L. Rand Fund at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore in the Bronx, NY. The program is devoted to supporting play therapy for kids who are in the hospital for a variety of medical and surgical conditions. We chose this program because Nathaniel had been a patient himself at the Childrens’ Hospital, volunteered at the play therapy program for several summers, and was planning on a career helping kids with emotional issues. Nate exuded kindness and went above and beyond to help people, from never missing an opportunity to hold the door for someone to initiating a conversation with someone sitting alone to carrying a dresser up 4 flights of stairs for his pregnant sister 😉 to engaging in meaningful service projects through APO. And he always helped with his characteristic sense of humor and big warm smile.

We have come to know many of you over the years since my brother Nathaniel was a member and since he died, and you are such wonderful, compassionate, inspiring people who work tirelessly in service to others. We miss him and grieve his loss every single day but we feel so profoundly lucky to know you all, engage in this service with you, and proud that Nate was a member of your organization that he loved during his time at Cornell. With love and tremendous gratitude from the Rand family.


-Freya Te (Nate’s Sister) and the Rand Family