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Procrastinate at the Straight

Allison Baal

Procrastinate at the Straight is a de-stressing event hosted by Cornell Minds Matter, the Willard Straight Resource Center, and the Student Union Board. It occurs every other Wednesday to give the Cornell community an opportunity to take a break and relax in the middle of the week. Each event is themed, and this month, Procrastinate at the Straight helped to kick off the new season with the theme “Falling for Fall.”

The themed snack was a make-your-own candy apple bar. With hundreds of apples donated by the Cornell Orchards, volunteers helped to cut apples and distribute them to students. In addition to caramel and chocolate sauces, students were able to make their own liquid nitrogen ice cream to turn their candy apples into delicious sundaes! The lines for the apples and ice cream were nearly out the door, and it was so nice to see people engaging with each another, smiling, and laughing as they waited and as they enjoyed their dessert.


Each Procrastinate event also features a fun craft. To celebrate autumn, we made DIY Leaf Roses. Using artificial leaves, wooden stirrers, and green florist tape, students were able to create beautiful fall decorations bursting with color.

It would not be Procrastinate at the Straight without the sweet therapy dogs (and cat!) provided by Cornell Companions. These animals never fail to make students smile, and it is always heartwarming to see people gasp with excitement upon noticing the dogs and then rush over to pet them. I know for myself, getting to play with these animals always brightens my week.

Being involved with Procrastinate at the Straight has been a tremendously meaningful experience for me. At each event, I interact with attendees with a smile on my face and a reminder that their mental health matters. Taking care of your mental health is extremely important, and I am happy that my service helps to spread this message to my peers.