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Posting Door Tags for Spring Pledges

Abegale McDermott

On both Friday night and Sunday morning, 9 brothers put up the beautiful door tags we made for our pledges this week!

On Friday, we tackled the West campus dorms. We split up into teams, and each team was responsible for two buildings. It was super fun to get to tour the different West campus dorms! We tried to be as sneaky as possible, so that our pledges would be surprised when they saw their tags on the doors.

Sunday was our North campus day! Again, we split into teams to be as efficient as possible. The door tags had been organized into Ziploc bags by dorm, which made it a lot easier to know whose tag was going where. Two wonderful RA-Brothers came in clutch with their all-access passes (shout out to Kat and David!), and freshmen brothers invited us into the other dorms.

All in all, it took 18 total service hours (split up by 9 brothers over two shifts) to put up all 96 (minus pledges who weren’t comfortable putting up their addresses on docubro, which is understandable) door tags. I am blown away by how quickly we completed this service project!! I was sure that we would need at least another weekend to finish up all of the dorms.

To all of our Spring 2020 pledges, WE LOVE YOU!!! And we hope you enjoy your new little door décor. We are so excited for you all to become our brothers, and to continue on APO’s tradition of Leadership, Friendship, and Service.

With love (and thanks to all our volunteers!),

Abegale, your historian