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Period @ Cornell

Often when I think of service, I think of homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and cleaning up the community. However, last Sunday I went to probably the most unique service event ever in my life – PERIOD at Cornell provides packs of pads and tampons to women in need in the Ithaca area. PERIOD is a national organization “united by the belief that menstrual care is a basic right.” I think that I always took the resources for feminine products and knowledge for granted – but yeah, pads and tampons do cost money. They’re expensive!

At the packing party, I was impressed by the turnout – lots of people showed up and cared about the cause. We ended up assembling paper brown bags of pads and tampons, with cute little messages and drawings on the bags. Before I knew it, we were already done with packing all the materials. I’m really excited about the mission and cause of PERIOD, and I hope that APO will continue to support service events for PERIOD at Cornell.

Although some people may feel unfamiliar with women reproductive and menstrual rights, this event is for anyone! All you need to do is show up – you don’t have to have extensive knowledge of the cause to help. I love how the Cornell and Ithaca community has a variety of opportunities and causes for service, and pledging for APO has opened my perspective towards all kinds of issues. I can’t wait for more events to come!

-Claire Wang, Pledge F’17