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Nate’s Run 2019

Molly Smith

Nate’s Run for Smiles is an annual 5K APO Gamma Chapter hosts to raise money for the Children’s Hospital at Montefiores’ Nate Rand Play Therapy Room. The run is in Memory of Nate Rand, who was a brother in APO. Nate’s mom, dad, sister, niece, and nephew made the trip up from the Bronx to support the run. It was really nice to see how much this run means to his family. No current APO brothers had the good fortune of meeting Nate, but having his family here at the event helps connect more to the person Nate was. It was amazing to see how much the run means to Nate’s family. This was the eighth year APO hosted this run and his family still seems as grateful as the first year.

Additionally, a representative from CHAM came up to share how much this run means to them at the hospital and how our contribution continues to help the play therapy room. It was really nice to see how much our efforts throughout the year mean to his family and the hospital. It can be hard to visualize how much our work and fundraising up in Ithaca contribute to the hospital. His mom, Maggi, said she is eternally grateful for all we are doing, and his sister, Freya, could not thank us enough for everything.

It has been the greatest gift to be able to commemorate Nate and support his family with everything they have been through. I’m extremely lucky to be able to honor Nate in my year as Philanthropy Chair.