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Mural Painting in the Commons

Rupal Khaitan

Art is one of the few things I can proudly say that I grew up doing (probably alongside eating Indian food and watching Disney channel?) and seeing murals on practically every street here has made me happy I chose to come to a hippie town like Ithaca.

Last year as a baby pledge I came to my first mural painting event during Fall Break and instantly loved it. The art itself requires very little skill, but my biggest challenge is getting over my fear of ladder. It’s also amazing if you can manage to get out of bed before 8 AM. The art itself usually has some kind of meaning behind it- the mural in the Green Street garage is about welcoming Muslim culture into Ithaca and promoting inclusivity. The mural we’re currently helping paint is about how society is connected to the environment, and its aim is to build a better future! The art itself is pretty mesmerizing, with lots of detailed patterns and windows into different landscapes.
One of my favorite parts of this project is the people who run it. One of the coordinators runs the Ithaca Murals Instagram, so anytime he’s there, he’s sure to take artsy candids and boomerangs of people painting. It’s super cool to be able to see the pictures later and be able to drive by the finished product knowing you helped paint it.
So, while there are VERY few things I would wake early on a Sunday morning for, painting murals in Ithaca is one of the few 🙂