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Making Door Tags for Spring Pledges

Abegale McDermott

On Thursday, March 12th, brothers got crafty and made 97 door tags for this spring’s pledges. The tags were designed as stars because our pledges are out of this world!!

For the first hour, the tasks were split up between blue, yellow, and white tracing. Next, about half of us started cutting out the 291 total individual stars.

We heard a rumor that Lisa has great handwriting, so she took over most of the names. We listened to “Just Good Music” on Spotify which was a huge hit (highly recommend!!). Once the tasks were all divided up we just went with the flow and let the Zen take over.

The next night, 4 more brothers finished the first phase of the project. One brother was on quality control, another organized pledge addresses into dorms (even though Ellen already knew most of them??? hmmm…), a third finished the remaining names, and the fourth double-checked that every pledge was accounted for. “Just Good Music” really was that good so we brought it back for night two.

Finally, the team set off to deliver west campus tags! We were able to get about ¾ of the west campus tags up and hope our pledges like their little surprises! Special shout-out to Yong for that sweet access pass.

I am so grateful to our brothers for volunteering to be a part of our door tags tradition. Everyone worked hard to make sure each pledge got a star worth putting on their door. I really loved my door tag last semester (thank you Melissa!) and hope our 97 new pledges feel just as special as I did. A big thank you from your historian!!!