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Letters for Pledges

Lisa LaBarbera

During the last week of rush, Rochelle (the Retention Chair) and I (the PR Chair) hosted service events to write letters to pledges! The events, entitled From Former Pledges to Current Pledges, were created so that brothers could write handwritten notes to each pledge to make their pledging experience a little more personal! The letters contained a welcoming message, some words of wisdom and advice on how to navigate APO/life in general! We decorated the letters with pictures and drawings, and we made that they conveyed a message of inclusiveness and love!

These events took place over the course of three days leading up to Inductions. We plan to address these letters to each individual pledge, and we will hand them out during the first week of pledge meetings! It was so fun to work with the brothers on this project, and in writing the letters, we also got to reflect on our time in APO and appreciate everything that we have experienced so far! These events have brought together so many people, from retention and public relations to service team and pledge team too! Some brothers made sure to let the pledges know that they can reach out to them at any time, and I hope that some relationships will be formed due to these letters! We hope that these letters will allow the pledges to see that we really value each of them individually, and that we hope they know they always have someone looking out for them throughout their journey in APO!