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Letters Against Depression

Dua Raza

Letters Against Depression is a service organization our fraternity works with to ensure that people struggling with various mental illnesses and issues don’t feel alone in their battle. As brothers, we unite to write letters to people we resonate with, encouraging them to stay strong and stay true to themselves. We all have had low points in our lives, in which we may have felt alone. Our goal at Letters Against Depression is to help make people feel loved, cherished, and wanted.

The first step at our event is a briefing of the purpose of the organization. People who are struggling with any issue are able to upload their story to the Letters Against Depression website. As students, we shuffle through these hundreds of stories to find one that we can connect to in some way. The purpose of writing letters to these people is not to say empty phrases such as “you got this” or “everything will be okay” but rather sympathize or empathize with what they’re feeling, reassure them that they’re not alone, and encourage them to remind themselves that they’re worth it and loved. Mental health is an important issue on Cornell’s campus and I believe connecting people who have gone through similar situations is very beneficial for our mental health. Knowing we are not the only one battling a certain issue can be extremely reassuring for people, and this is the purpose of this service event.