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Fabulous Finger Knitting!

Kelly Stone

Fabulous Finger Knitting is a weekly event that happens every Wednesday night in William Keeton House. It is a very fun, fulfilling service event in which we finger knit scarves from scratch and then weave them together into larger scarves and baby blankets. Over the years, the finger knitting service project has worked with several local charities and homeless shelters in the Ithaca community to donate these handmade scarves and blankets to those who need extra warmth in the winter.

I especially enjoy finger knitting because the event has a really nice fellowship aspect to it. Since we are working with our hands, we get to talk to the other brothers in attendance and really get to know each other.

The event has a lot of regular attendees who return each week. This is nice because all the finger knitters have built lasting relationships over the months while doing meaningful service as well.

The finger knitting program also brings together Cornell students from beyond just Gamma chapter! We partner with William T. Keeton House to host the event and over the weeks we have Keeton House residents, brothers of Epsilon Eta sustainability fraternity, and members of Golden Key International Honor Society join the APO brothers at the event. It is really nice to get to know everyone both in and out of the brotherhood and work toward a cause we are all passionate about at the same time!