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Dunk Tank

Molly Smith

On Friday, September 28, APO along with Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Alpha Delta, Phi Gamma Nu, Golden Key, Alpha Kappa Psi, and Phi Chi Theta hosted a dunk tank on Ho plaza! All of the money raised would go to the Children’s Hospital of Montefiore, our philanthropy cause. I had the great fortune of putting together and attending such an amazing event. The dunk tank arrived bright and early at 6 am. Ashley Kim and I were there to work with grounds to try to fill the dunk tank with water. The company told us it would take three hours to fill so we wanted to make sure it was finished in time for the first shift at 9 am. While there were a couple of issues to get the water, we were finally able to get the dunk tank operational! With the help of some amazing dunkees, we were able to raise $778! I felt like this was a very rewarding event because every throw that was bought was going to the Children’s Hospital. You knew you were making a difference by being a part of this event. I think also people attending found it to be an amazing event. Just hanging out at the dunk tank was really fun! It was like a little party on Ho Plaza, and being dunked too was really fun! It was a great time, and I think the brothers who came out really enjoyed it 🙂


Amrit Hingorani

On Friday, September 28th, the dream of an APO Fundraiser Dunk Tank finally became a reality. Through a partnership with many other organizations such as Golden Key and DSP, we were able to raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Montefiore, our amazing brotherhood philanthropy cause! The day started off with bleak prospects with ominous rain clouds and boiling water too hot to get dunked into. However, the clouds quickly cleared and service team promptly righted the ship to get things rolling without a hitch. In no time at all, the event blossomed into the main attraction on Ho Plaza, with great music, many brothers getting dunked over and over, and a steady flow of students donating to CHAM while watching their friends take the plunge into the now lukewarm water. By the end of the day, it was safe to say that the Dunk Tank was a smashing success due to the tireless work of Service Team, brothers who volunteered to get dunked and table, as well as those willing to donate to a great cause.

I personally volunteered to be dunked for four hours and loved every minute of it. The atmosphere surrounding the tank was great and everyone was excited about our novel way to raise money for our philanthropy cause. I ended up getting dunked more than I expected and even got dunked by one of my professors, which was great! I also really enjoyed talking to passersby about our philanthropy cause and what APO does on and off campus to support CHAM. Overall, I had a great time at the Dunk Tank and can’t wait for its next installment!