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Don’t be Trashy, Recycle

Our Pledge Project Group Project consisted of educating fellow college students on proper recycling etiquette and suggesting ways to be more “green”.  Over the course of three days (11/10, 11/13, 11/14) we tabled in Willard Straight Hall and taught our audience everything from what the numbers on the bottom of disposable plastic bottles mean to why used pizza boxes can’t be recycled, and everything in between. In just three days, we grew a community of well-informed and ecologically-minded individuals ready to use their newfound knowledge to better the environment with safe recycling practices

We worked with the “Greeks Go Green” organization, and with their knowledge of the Tompkins County recycling system (single-stream) along with our research to make the poster we were extremely knowledgeable and ready to field any questions about recycling in general and on Cornell campus.

~ Dean Kim