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Countdown to Nate’s Run

“Seeing so many people come out for the CHAM bookmark making event was super exciting! Everyone seemed to really enjoy creating the cute animal bookmarks, and when people remembered that all of them would be getting donated to CHAM after the event, everyone got that much more excited. I think this event was such a hit because it gave our rushees and brothers the opportunity to not only take care of some of the stress of a long week with arts and crafts, it also clearly demonstrated some of the clear impacts our chapter’s service projects are able to have”
-TJ Ball, Service Co-assistant Pledgemaster
“In rushing for APO, I met some of the most wonderful human beings even. All of whom I wished I met years ago. The events we did during rush were some of the enjoyable activities I’ve been to all year, filled with laughter and grins. Making hospital bookmarks for the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore as a continuation of the annual Nate’s Run event was such an event. We made original bookmarks for the children at the hospital. At this event, I was given the opportunity to experience the creativity of the human imagination. The designs and effort put into making these bookmarks displayed the spirit of APO and the continued support of the brotherhood into making the world a better place for the people. Rushing for APO will not be a mistake but an opportunity of a lifetime.”
-Michael Lin, Pledge, Fall 2017