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Collegetown Cleanup

Yibing “Shirley” Yao
Collegetown Cleanup is a weekly event that happens every Sunday morning in Collegetown. In groups of 3 to 4 people, we walk around the Collegetown, chat about the funny things, prelims (LOL) or APO events that happen over the week and clean up the neighborhood with our own hands! It’s a relaxing and meaningful service event where we get to meet new people, explore our neighborhood and protect the local environment.
Over the years, Collegetown Cleanup has grown to be pretty popular among the Gamma Chapter. As the chair for the last month, I met dozens of brothers and pledges who either live in Collegetown or travel all the way from the North campus to join us. Through this event, residents of Collegetown get to fulfill their responsibility to maintain a clean neighborhood. Freshmen from the North campus can also explore the Collegetown where they might be living in as juniors and seniors. The mix of brothers and pledges makes Collegetown Cleanup a perfect occasion for pledges to learn about what to expect after becoming a brother and how to get more involved in the chapter.
Besides the fellowship aspect of it, Collegetown Cleanup also raises environmental awareness on Cornell’s campus. When each group returns with 2-3 full bags of trashes after walking around Ct for just an hour, all attendees will realize how much more efforts Cornell and APO can invest in spreading awareness for environmental protection.