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Chill With Your Boo! Set-Up

Niko Nguyen

The Saturday after Halloween, APO hosted a Halloween Date Night called Chill With Your Boo! It was an event with tons of food and fun activities, and it was a great way to celebrate Halloween with fellow APO brothers. Lots of APO brothers (and non-brothers) dressed up in super creative costumes — my personal favorite was Christy Atangana’s iconic Cam’ron costume.

The Philanthropy Team did an amazing job planning for Chill With Your Boo. The Willard Straight Memorial Room was completely decked out in Halloween decorations that made the event super welcoming. They also ordered tons of food for all the attendees, from Wendy’s spicy nuggets to McDonald’s fries. The volunteers were assigned to picking up the food, setting it up, and serving it. We had tons of fun setting up the food (we spelled out “APO” with the sauces!) and it was really gratifying to give food to everyone. All the attendees were really nice, which made our job much more enjoyable.

Overall, Chill With Your Boo was a great event that I hope they bring back next year. I had a great time volunteering and I’m happy that so many people had fun at the event!