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Cards for CHAM

Rebekah Westerlind

APO’s philanthropy cause is Children’s Hospital at Montefiore (CHAM). During this event in Stimson Hall, APO volunteers design and write encouraging cards to be sent to the children at CHAM. This event started as a pledge project in Spring 2019 and has been carried on as a weekly event since then. The cards focus on uplifting messages and avoid hospital-related phrases, such as “get better soon”, or mentioning specific religious holidays. This aims to increase inclusivity. Due to the hospital’s location in the Bronx, some of the children are more comfortable in Spanish. To reach these kids personally, an extra effort is made to write some of the cards in Spanish. Many volunteers enjoy the chance to express their creativity and make a difference in a child’s life.

“You’re making a big impact on a lot of kids’ lives. It’s a different perspective because instead of just saying ‘you’re gonna get better’ or ‘feel better’ you are just trying to help them have a good day.” -Sarah Kimball, ‘21

“I could not be having more fun right now” -Katy Kaufman, ‘20

“I like to be creative and also feel like we are doing something for our philanthropy cause” -Julie Thomas, ‘20

“It’s fun to get to do some arts and crafts because that’s something I don’t get to normally do. And it’s something the kids enjoy too.” -Caroline Battiato, ‘22

“It’s really fun. I like the message.” -Hanora Chapman, ‘23

“I personally enjoy it because I don’t really draw much but it’s first of all for a good cause and I’m having by just chilling and not really thinking about anything” -Neri Yun, ‘21

“It’s really peaceful and relaxing. I really like anything related to children.” -Ciarra Lee, ‘21