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Shea Belsky

Ever wondered what happens when you gather hundreds of programmers, designers, and thinkers in PSB for a weekend? They can make some pretty awesome stuff! BigRed//Hacks is Cornell’s biggest hackathon, bringing together college students from across the country to work on amazing technical projects. Hackers come up with ideas, write code and designs, and pitch them to judges from companies like IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Wayfair, and Bloomberg, all over the course of a single weekend.

But this can’t happen without some help. We had over three hundred hackers at BigRed//Hacks on October 19-21st, 2018. How can we pull it off?

Volunteers from APO came out in force to help set up, maintain, and clean up after BigRed//Hacks. The Physical Sciences Building is a big space. How can we get it in tip-top shape for hackers? APO volunteers moved the countless tables you see scattered around the hallways. Hackers need power for their laptops and hardware, too, which is why APO volunteers helped put down electric power strips under every table.

During the event itself, volunteers helped hackers find hardware, answer questions throughout the weekend, escorted them to various fun events like skating and a hike, served food, and gave out swag. Volunteers were our front line with helping hackers do what they came here to do, and get them in touch with the right people to help them succeed.

Volunteers are the glue that holds the BigRed//Hacks event together. Every year, APO has come out to help make BigRed//Hacks a reality. And it’s an amazing thing to see the passion and energy brought to the hackathon.