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Anabel’s Grocery: It’s Kind of a Big ‘Dill’

If you “carrot” all about campus food insecurity then come volunteer at Anabel’s Grocery! This is a student run grocery store aimed at addressing campus food insecurity by offering affordable, accessible, groceries here on Cornell’s campus.

Walking into the store you are welcomed by the vibrant colors of fresh produce and a warm smile of an employee. Scanning the shelves you can find the essential grocery items needed to stock your pantry for the week. What you don’t see however is the impact that this store is having on our community. Open to all Cornell students our store empowers people to make better food choices and empowers all to eat well regardless of SES.

One of the primary reasons that Anabel’s can offer such low prices is that we don’t have any labor costs. This is why our partnership with APO is amazing. We get to work with incredible and motivated volunteers who keep our prices low and keep us closer to our mission. This a store for students by students, and I am so excited to see my two loves integrated into one mission. Come volunteer to discover how kale or red peppers can mean more than just lunch.

-Nicholas Karavolias, APO, Director of Programming for Anabel’s Grocery


[Note: Some photos sourced from The Cornell Daily Sun. To read more about Anabel’s Grocery and their journey, click here: http://cornellsun.com/2017/05/04/after-years-of-planning-anabels-grocery-set-to-open-sunday/ ]