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Activism Leadership Workshop

Joanna Hua

APO took to some international service this past week, as brothers participated in a leadership workshop in conjunction with a service event tied to activism and the Write for Rights campaign hosted by Amnesty International. The group delved into human rights and letter writing as a form of activism before embarking on the writing itself, as the entire group contributed 77 letters total to the campaign right before it ended. The 11 cases this year were focused on women human rights defenders from all over the world, including those fighting for LGBTI rights, disabilities access and respect, and capital punishment repeal, among many other things. These women warriors sacrificed their entire lives fighting the good fight, and we at APO Gamma, in the bubble that is Cornell University, contributed to add letters of importance to ask for their security, safety, and support. While we tend to look inwards at the problems that we face as individuals, as an organization, as a campus, and as a community, it is important to remember that we live in a global context as well, and that even an hour can make a difference across the world.