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A New Service Brew: Coffee Sleeve Scripts

Julia Allen

On Sunday afternoons in Goldman Smith Hall, the soft sound of markers against the paper and casual conversation drift from a sunlit classroom. We are decorating coffee sleeves with uplifting messages, puns, and doodles for Mandible Cafe. The Coffee Sleeve Scripts project started as a pledge project a few years ago and has grown to be a weekly project very popular amongst the Gamma Chapter. The project addresses mental health on Cornell’s campus, as hopefully, the decorated coffee sleeves are unexpected acts of kindness and encouragement to the customers at Mandibles before they head into Mann Library for meetings and study sessions.

Not only does the project uplift strangers, but it also serves the brotherhood as a safe, consistent space for us to express our creativity and meet new people weekly. As the chair for the past month, I have met dozens of brothers I did not know previously and experienced the artistic abilities of many of our members. As we try to become an increasingly open, inclusive organization, Coffee Sleeve Scripts is an important project to foster new friendships internally while reaching people in many ways through service.