#ForTheKids: Countdown to Big Red Thon 2017

As a long time dancer, lover of children, aspiring medical physician, and philanthropic activist, in signing up for Big Red Thon 2015, our very first Dance Marathon at Cornell (or heck even in the Ivy League) I should have known I would find myself a home there. I always talk about the intersectionality of our event, how everyone can find something about Big Red Thon that makes it worthwhile for them! Whether it’s a commitment to community service, passion for children, desire to pursue a career in medicine, or love for dancing: the beauty of Big Red Thon, is that … Continue reading#ForTheKids: Countdown to Big Red Thon 2017

Smiles for Miles: CHAM Fall Break Trip

Arriving at CHAM for the afternoon shift of volunteering, I very excited but also really nervous. I’m usually pretty comfortable working with kids but I was terrified of saying the wrong thing to a child that might have been in the hospital for weeks or months. Luckily, we had the help of the wonderful staff members at CHAM. Ingrid gave us a floor by floor tour of the hospital, stopping at each of the playrooms on the way. It was incredible how much detail was taken to make the environment as welcoming and child-friendly as possible. Floor-to-ceiling murals of jungles … Continue readingSmiles for Miles: CHAM Fall Break Trip

BWSS Hunger Project: Feed My Starving Children

This year I decided that I wanted to take concrete action to combat hunger; Feed My Starving Children provided me with a great way to do so.  Ithaca MobilePack, an initiative started in 2009 and which is about to pack its 2 millionth meal to send to starving children in areas like Haiti, is a part of FMSC.  Each meal only costs 22 cents so even small donations are valuable.  APO Gamma decided that we could make an impact by raising money for FMSC through a coin drive on Ho Plaza.  I thought it was an important event to get … Continue readingBWSS Hunger Project: Feed My Starving Children

Period @ Cornell

Often when I think of service, I think of homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and cleaning up the community. However, last Sunday I went to probably the most unique service event ever in my life – PERIOD at Cornell provides packs of pads and tampons to women in need in the Ithaca area. PERIOD is a national organization “united by the belief that menstrual care is a basic right.” I think that I always took the resources for feminine products and knowledge for granted – but yeah, pads and tampons do cost money. They’re expensive! At the packing party, I was … Continue readingPeriod @ Cornell

Risk Managed: ITH Airport Full-Scale Disaster Drill

This past Saturday, I and five other brave Gamma brothers braved the early morning hours and volunteered at Tompkins Regional Airport as victims for their Full-Scale Disaster Drill. The drill, which is conducted every three years, puts emergency first responders to the test and is meant to simulate a small commercial aircraft crashing on the tarmac. The FAA mandates this drill and its entirety is observed and recorded for learning purposes. The drill includes portions dedicated to fire suppression, fuselage breach (think Jaws of Life), and medical services. While the fire and breach drills were pretty straightforward for emergency services, … Continue readingRisk Managed: ITH Airport Full-Scale Disaster Drill

Rescue Mission: Thrifty Shopper

For the past year, I have been regularly volunteering at Thrifty Shopper, a thriftstore that works with Rescue Mission to end hunger and homelessness. Each time I go, there is a new task for me. Sometimes I size new clothes and put them on the racks, sometimes I organize the racks, and sometimes I take down the old clothes to make room for new ones. After a busy week of classes, working at Thrifty Shopper really helps me to unwind and relax while doing something meaningful for the Ithaca community. Revenue from Thrifty Shopper goes toward maintaining Rescue Mission programs, such … Continue readingRescue Mission: Thrifty Shopper

The Reflect Effect: Let’s Talk About Mental Health

On Monday, October 2nd, Cornell Reflect had its very first meeting! At 5:00 PM, about 100 students arrived at Willard Straight Hall to their choice of 10 kinds of Insomnia cookies and 4 types of Collegetown Pizza. Over the next hour, everyone broke up into small groups and had the opportunity to discuss whatever was on their mind, openly and honestly. At Cornell Reflect, it’s cool to be YOU. The unfiltered, unadulterated, you. With the ongoing college student mental health crisis – which is exacerbated by the pressure on college campuses to appear perfect – it is critical that college students … Continue readingThe Reflect Effect: Let’s Talk About Mental Health

The Sophie Fund: Thank You

“Service” is a word bursting with meaning for the APO Gamma Service Team, as we have learned first-hand here at The Sophie Fund. A little more than a year ago, we decided to organize a cupcake baking contest in the Ithaca Commons. Our idea was to raise some money for mental health initiatives, bring some cupcake joy to Ithaca, and fight the stigma around mental health and treatment. Sophie (’14) was an avid baker and loved baking cupcakes from an early age. An APO brother came across some publicity for the contest and quickly contacted us. She said she would … Continue readingThe Sophie Fund: Thank You

The Sophie Fund: A Spotlight on Mental Health

[Service Team Note: In one week, from tabling at Ho Plaza and GreenStar in Collegetown, APO Gamma raised $518.50 in support of the Sophie Fund. All of the money will be donated in APO Gamma’s name to the Ithaca Suicide Prevention and Crisis Service, an organization that The Sophie Fund has continuously provided support for as part of their mission.] Last weekend I had the opportunity to table at Ithaca Apple Fest for the Sophie Fund, an organization dedicated to raising mental health awareness on campus. Sophie’s parents founded this organization after she succumbed to her battle with depression at … Continue readingThe Sophie Fund: A Spotlight on Mental Health

Gamma Meets Theta Kappa: Binghamton Zoo Retreat

It was a warm sunny day as only three brothers trekked from Cornell to Binghamton last Spring. So many people had signed up to go on one of the first ever service retreats, but unfortunately, only three made the journey. Cordelia, Shea and I had so much fun at the zoo despite how few of us there were. We were able to join a group of city council people and their families that came to the zoo once a year to volunteer. As the leaves had not been cleared the previous fall, there were a ton on the pathways that … Continue readingGamma Meets Theta Kappa: Binghamton Zoo Retreat

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